Teignbridge District Council declared an ambitious target to reach “Carbon Neutral” emission status by 2025. For a population of 131,437 people (2017) this is a Nationally inspirational target and is more in-line with the insufficient but recommended 1.5-degree Paris Agreements’ target. Following the example of DCC and TDC, and driven by Global, National and Community needs, Chudleigh Town Council declared a Climate and Environmental Emergency in July 2019.

Town councils have a role to play in encouraging a bottom-up approach by developing community led initiatives. By declaring Chudleigh’s acknowledgement of a Climate and Environmental Emergency status, we can raise the profile of these issues, improve our community resilience to our changing climate needs, use the declaration status to leverage funding associations, influence future development schemes and work towards embracing a lower carbon way of living that ultimately improves our community health and wellbeing.

In Chudleigh we have a local population of approx. 4-5000 people and are in a fantastic position to facilitate the changes we need to see. We have many local groups with a shared climate and environmental concern that should be involved and utilised; such as SEARCH, Plastic Free Chudleigh, Chudleigh Wild, ChudFridge, and ChudFix Repair Cafe and possible future involvement in Community Action Groups (CAG). If you are a Chudleigh resident, and you would like to get involved in Environmentally focused projects in our Town, please get in touch.