Our Responsibilities

The Town Council has an overall responsibility for the wellbeing of our residents and to protecting their quality of life, environment and economic well-being. We campaign on local issues and lobby other agencies to take action to protect the interests of our community.

Other responsibilities consist of maintenance of land owned by the Council including public parks, open spaces, hedge & grass cutting and litter bin emptying in these areas, the war memorial, street furniture and maintaining the public notice boards.

The Town Council is not responsible for rubbish collection, council tax collections, housing, planning applications, dog poo etc, these are the responsibility of Teignbridge District Council. And for any queries relating to education, transport, fire and public safety, social care, libraries, waste management and trading standards, you need to contact Devon County Council.

Our work includes:

  • Providing community grants
  • Leading community projects
  • Partnering with local organisations to host events for the town to enjoy
  • Making recommendations to the local planning authority as a voice of the people of Chudleigh


  • Campaigning for the wellbeing of residents
  • Working towards making Chudleigh a more environmentally-sustainable town
  • Providing information to members of the public