3rd December 2020

What Tier 2 means for the Town Hall & council services

As of today the second national lockdown has finished but our area is now under Tier 2 restrictions.

This means that the Council offices have reopened from today and that we can greet face to face callers. However, face coverings need to be worn in common areas and physical distancing needs to be maintained. Whilst face to face callers are welcome we would prefer to deal with your enquiries by telephone or email.

Exercise classes at the Town Hall are recommencing from 2 December. In fact most of our hirers are returning over the next week, albeit with limited numbers due to the need to maintain physical distancing.

Whilst play parks were able to remain open during the lockdown we had to shut the skate park, outdoor gym and the MUGA. They are all now open as of today.


John Carlton

Town Clerk

2 December 2020