The Environment

Chudleigh Town Council is committed to the environment and declared a Climate Emergency in 2019. Councillors work alongside Chudleigh Wild, a group of residents who want to share and enthuse others with their passion for wildlife.

To encourage biodiversity in our Town we have a number of re-naturing projects happening in our green spaces and verges. Intending to improve plant and animal life in our parish by putting some of the maintenance of our verges and green spaces into the hands of local wildlife experts and residents, we hope to significantly improve our environment to benefit wildlife and people.

Small Tortoiseshell On Buddleia
Close up of a Broad Bodied Chaser
Daisy in the Garden in Chudleigh
Bluebells in a hedgerow
A close up image of white wild garlic flowers
A lare cabbage white with wings outstretch on a fern

Nature Reserves

As well as the wonderful walks within or near our Town, there are lots of Nature Reserves nearby managed by The Wildlife Trusts,  these include Chudleigh Kinghton Heath, a heathland mosaic of gorse, heather and grassland. This was once the landscape which stretched for miles across what is known locally as the Bovey Basin. Today, the nature reserve is a reminder of what has been lost and also acts as a vital heathland home to some special wildlife.

A little difficult to access, and situated between Chudleigh and Trusham, is Ruggadon Middlepark, a meadow, grassland and Middlepark Copse, supporting an outstanding number of butterflies. None of the paths within the reserve are surfaced and the section through the wood is steep in parts.