Over the last week, bus companies have lost up to 90% of their passengers, leading many to drastically reduce services. Stagecoach today are implementing reductions across their network, details of which appear on their web site.


We do not have sufficient information to know the make-up of the 10% (and falling) remaining passengers. Some will be key workers needing to travel. There may be other essential purposes, whilst some may be travelling against official advice. Some may be best assisted by referral to the many community initiatives, information on which is available locally or on-line through web sites, Facebook etc.

In an effort to cater for key workers, the County Council is trialling a demand-responsive taxi facility, offering a heavily subsidized fare, designed to provide journeys no longer possible by public transport because of service reductions. Details will be going today to the press, local parish councils and other contacts. Bus companies have also been asked to identify if possible where these issues arise and to refer passengers to the e-mail address given. Stagecoach on their web site have included a facility to individuals to make themselves known and have agreed to forward any relevant data to us.

The scheme is aimed to be as straightforward as possible. Key workers who find themselves in difficulty getting to work because of public transport reductions are asked to contact us by e-mail and we will try as quickly as possible to make regular arrangements with any available taxi company. If the travel requirement is regular, the individual will need to contact us only once.

With experience over the next few weeks, the scheme will be reviewed.


Due to the reduction of bus services across the county, Devon County Council are trialling an on-demand subsidised taxi service for Devon residents for key workers accessing employment only.

This service is intended to replace those journeys which were previously made by bus – a subsidised flat fare will be charged.

Requests can only be made by email and should be sent todevonbus@devon.gov.uk

Please include the following information in your email:


JOURNEY REQUIREMENTS (pick up/drop off)

We will aim to respond to all requests as soon as possible during normal office hours – journeys should be booked 48 hours in advance of travel.