Thank you from the Mayor

These are strange and troubling times which have severely tested our community.

Many members of our community have, for reasons of age or ill-health, been self-isolating in their own homes for many weeks now. Most of us have been following the Government’s advice and staying at home to reduce the spread of the virus. All of us, I would guess, are going a little stir crazy. Life seems very strange and discomforting when one is robbed of the comforting routines of work or school and the normal rhythms of everyday life.

I have been extremely impressed by the way that almost the entire community has adhered to the taxing lockdown rules imposed by the Government. I think we all accept that these rules are necessary but that doesn’t make them any easier to follow. However, I have seen little evidence in Chudleigh of people ignoring the lockdown or the rules on safe physical distancing. That is a tribute to all of you – not only are you looking after yourselves but you are also looking after other people and I thank you for that. I would particularly like to thank the younger members of our community. They have accepted the temporary closure of their play and sports facilities without complaint, accepting that it is necessary for the greater good.

Whilst most of us are cooped up indoors there are some amongst us who have to go out in order to serve the rest of the community. We are very aware of the role that health professionals are playing in this public health crisis, and we owe them immense thanks, but there are also other unsung heroes. The staff at the Co-op, Spar and Lloyds Pharmacy are performing above and beyond the call of duty to keep this community supplied with food, drink and medicines. They are having to perform their duties in circumstance we would never have thought possible just a few months ago and we owe them our grateful thanks.

I would also like to thank the near 200 Chudleigh residents who have volunteered their services to deliver groceries and prescriptions to the most vulnerable members of our community. Other volunteers are offering telephone befriending to those who are finding the social isolation of the lockdown hard to cope with.

To conclude, if anyone reading this needs assistance with shopping, prescription collection or befriending please contact the community helpline on 01626 853140. It is open between 9am and 4pm Monday to Saturday. Alternatively, you can email clerk@chudleigh-tc.gov.uk.

If anyone would like to join our team of volunteers please email clerk@chudleigh-tc.gov.uk

Martin Tinkler

Mayor of Chudleigh