11th January 2021

Request for help from Chudleigh Primary School

Chudleigh Primary School has a number of families where children are unable to access learning at home due to not having suitable IT hardware (laptops, tablets, computers). This includes families where the devices they do have are in use to support parents working from home, or secondary school age children taking priority over what is available at home.

The primary school are asking the community if anyone can help by donating any devices which people have at home but don’t need (those forgotten tablets in drawers or older laptops which you didn’t get around to disposing of etc). Any donated devices will be ‘refurbished’ by the school in order to remove all data held on the device. (The school isn’t able to accept items on loan from the community as they cannot guarantee or insure them, but would encourage anyone who has a device they are prepared to loan, to ask around their neighbours with school age children if they are in need.)

Any donated devices do need to be in good working order, with a suitable charger, as the school aren’t in a position to repair equipment, and it will need to have ‘connectivity’ ability.

School has advised that at present, it is very unlikely that they will receive any devices through the Government roll out of IT equipment, and certainly not before this current lockdown ends. School is able to assist some families with schemes around data plans / routers/ SIM cards etc, but procurement of hardware / devices is the current major problem. They are aware of connectivity possibilities throughout PS4 / XBOX, but not everyone has these consoles at home.

If anyone can help, devices can be dropped off to school via the main entrance between the hours of 10am-2pm (observing all required covid safety measures please).

Alternatively, please contact Sam Bennett at Chudleigh Town Council to arrange for the equipment to be safely collected from your door at a mutually agreed time.

(01626 853140 / 07880 755005


Thank you.