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New for 2021! Chudleigh Pump Track

Designed & built by Forte Trailscapes

The pump track is located adjacent to Millstream Meadow play park and the skate park. Entrance is accessed across a bridge from Millstream Meadow.

This pump track has been designed for use by BMX, Mountain bikes, skates, skateboards, scooters & even balance bikes – parental assistance required!

“A pump track is a continuous loop of banked turns, rollers & jumps that enables users to generate speed without pedalling .

To pump requires a rider to push down through bending of arms & legs on the downward slope of any roller or jump. This action is
similar to keeping momentum on a swing by moving legs forward & backwards, to perfect the technique can take time but this track offers a challenge to both the novice & expert rider.

Please ensure all bikes & other equipment is suitable for use on this track & in good working order. Misuse will damage the track surface & possibly the rider.”


Chudleigh Skatepark

Millstream Meadow

Chudleigh TQ13 0PG

PLEASE NOTE: There is no car parking at this location, the nearest carpark is shown on map below.


Pump Track.
Pump Track..
Pump Track
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