Annual Town Meeting.


The Town Council is meant to organise a Town Meeting annually but the last two years have been wiped out by the pandemic. We are trying to revive the event this year and have tentatively scheduled it for Friday 20 May in the Woodway Room, commencing at 7pm.

Whilst the meeting is organised by the Town Council and chaired by the Mayor it is not a town council meeting. It generally consists of a report by the Mayor on what the Council has done over the last twelve months and details of future plans. There are reports from community groups regarding their work and there is also the opportunity for parishioners to ask any question of the Mayor that they wish.

If anyone has any thoughts about additional items that could be included then please contact me. Any ideas regarding refreshing the format of the meeting will be most welcome.

John Carlton

Town Clerk

Tel: 01626 853140

Email: clerk@chudleigh-tc.gov.uk