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Neighbourhood Development Plan – The Final Stages 

In the November issue of the Council newsletter, it was announced that the Neighbourhood Development Plan was progressing towards the final stages of scrutiny by an external inspector. Before this happens, many people (stakeholders), have a chance to examine the document and comment upon its contents. Stakeholders include us, the residents of Chudleigh, together with statutory bodies like English Heritage and SWW etc and this is will be our chance to read the document and feedback any final comments. This is called the Pre-submission stage. There will be about 50 copies of the presubmission version of the NDP document for residents to study, as well as being available on the Town Council web site. If all goes to plan, hard copies will be available in the Town Hall from January 1st . Once you obtain a copy, or read it online, it would be useful if you could feed your comments back to the Town Hall, either in writing or on email to:- There will also be five “full” copies printed and available from the Town Hall. These five copies will include all of the appendices, which normally the reader will refer to on the Council or originators web sites. These will be very bulky folders! If the Plan passes its inspection, which follows the pre-submission feedback, residents will be asked to vote for its acceptance in a referendum organised by Teignbridge District Council. If over 50% of the votes received are in favour of The Plan, it then becomes “MADE” which means that it sits alongside the TDC Local Plan and is recognised in law as a document whose contents must be considered in any future planning matters in Chudleigh. This will be the culmination of over two years of hard work, seeking and analysing the views of Chudleigh residents and converting them into a plan which will influence the development of our community for the next few years. 

Cllr Mike Underwood – Chair NDP Steering Group


Vision and Objectives

A Vision for Chudleigh

Chudleigh shall retain its distinctive character, resulting from its unique location and thousand year history, while providing for the needs of current and future generations in an environmentally sustainable manner, giving them access to a wide variety of well designed housing, excellent health and education facilities and improved community and leisure facilities. The town centre shall become a safer and more attractive place in which to live, work and shop.


Housing : to ensure that new housing, over and above that which has been allowed for in the Local Plan, is tailored to meet the needs of those local people :

- who are unable to afford open market housing or

- who wish to provide their own housing or

- who are unable to find housing that is designed to meet their specific needs.

Employment and the Local Economy : to safeguard the most valued existing employment land and encourage the provision of additional employment land so that a vibrant and more locally focused economy can be developed, with less need for commuting.

The Natural Environment and Landscape Setting : to protect and celebrate the local wildlife, and its habitats, and Chudleigh’s location at the foot of the Haldon Hills and within one of the most picturesqueparts of the Teign Valley.

Indoor Community Facilities : to meet the anticipated needs of the growing population, new indoor spaces shall be provided and existing facilities improved to ensure that there is adequate provision to accommodate education, sport and drama and to allow them to blossom.

Outdoor Community Facilities : to meet the current and anticipated demand for outdoor activity, existing sports facilities shall be enhanced and new facilities, including links to the area’s growing cycleway network, shall be provided.

The Town Centre and Conservation Area : to protect and enhance the town centre and the wider Conservation Area through the implementation of the agreed town centre improvements and the application of high standards of design in all new developments and other works.