Filling of vacant Town Councillor posts

In January, Richard Keeling and Lorraine Evans resigned as Town Councillors. This was due to a mixture of external work pressures and the demands of their role as District Councillors. They remain in post as Chudleigh’s District Councillors and will continue to have a close relationship with the Town Council.

These resignations required me to advertise that two posts were now vacant, inviting residents to take the opportunity to ask for a formal election. The closing date for such requests was on Monday 2 March. Ten requests trigger an election. In our case there were 34 such requests.

This means that there will be an election for the two vacant posts on Thursday 7 May, the same date as the election for the post of Police & Crime Commissioner. The detailed timetable for the election will be published during the week of 16 March. This will cover such things as the closing dates for nominations, postal votes etc. That’s not a great date for publications like the Phoenix and Chudleigh News so we will publish the timetable on our website and Facebook page as soon as we receive it.