From 2 March Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC) vehicle restrictions will be eased to allow access to the following :-

  • Bicycles (including cycle towed trailers) with social distancing in place & they will need to queue as part of the traffic flow to be directed to a unloading space by site staff
  • All van based people carriers with seats in the back.

From Wednesday 3 march

All trailers that comply with the normal vehicle restrictions except for at Sidmouth, Totnes and South Molton for now – this is due to congestion caused by trailers on site with limited capacity to accommodate trailers

All pick ups (but not towing trailers as per the normal vehicle restrictions) at all recycling Centres.

Vans/ commercial vehicles currently remain excluded from all of the sites – this will be reviewed shortly when a booking system can be introduced such that the number of vans at each site can be limited to a total per day such that the sites do not become too congested due to the amount of time taken to offload these type of vehicles. Pedestrians are also not allowed to deposit waste as there are health & safety concerns that vehicles may park outside of the sites and walk their waste in. Any pedestrian wanting to dispose of their waste will be asked to contact us if they cannot use the District Council kerbside facilities.

Reminder of the new working practices when visiting a recycling centre in Devon;

To protect the public and staff a series of health protection measures is in force at each centre, including a one-in one-out policy and the two-metre social distancing guidelines.

Unfortunately, this means for the time being site staff will not be able to assist with unloading waste.

In addition:
• Residents displaying coronavirus symptoms, are asked not to visit the recycling centres..
• Payments on site must be by credit/debit card only.

Queues are to be expected due to the much reduced capacity at our sites to cater for social distancing.