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Removal of trees in car park

We have received a number of complaints about two mature trees being removed from the TDC owned Market Way car park

We have sought comments from the District Council and received the following:-

This was done following the specialist advice and after reviewing the planned rain gardens work. The opinion of the specialist was that the “trees definitely had to be felled, the scheme would have entailed the loss of the trees without a doubt”. Comment was also made that the “structural roots had been severed so needed to be removed”.

I did request that this information had been sent to me to confirm the position before the trees were removed so that I could inform Cllrs and Chudleigh Town Council. Unfortunately this was not passed back to me and instead the specialist gave the go ahead to SWW and their contractors so that the scheme could proceed. I have mentioned this to both SWW and R&M Utility and relayed my disappointment and both have apologised.

I am now liaising with SWW, R&M and the tree specialist to agree the correct and most suitable trees to replace the felled trees. I have again asked that no final decisions are made before I have the chance to inform Cllrs and Chudleigh Town Council so that you are aware of the replacement in case you receive questions