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Police report.

The Police Report for the Chudleigh Town Council for the month of February 2019 is as follows:

There were a total of 17 Crimes recorded for the month of January 2019 in Chudleigh broken down as follows:

1.1 x Domestic incidents – The relevant partner agencies have been informed and safeguarding for the victims are in place.

2.2 x Theft / from Motor Vehicle – Items were taken from motor vehicles at separate locations. No suspects or witnesses have been identified.

3.3 x Criminal Damage / property – A brick wall has been damaged, graffiti sprayed onto a wall at the primary school and a bin has been damaged in the skate park. Enquiries are complete, no suspects identified.

4.1 x Use threatening words / behaviour – Words have been exchanged by an individual. Police action not supported.

5.3 x Theft from shop – Offenders have entered a shop premises and taken items without payment. The suspects are not known.

6.Arson – A small fire was started by the library. No damage and no suspect identified.

7.Harassment – A person has received unwanted communications by post. Police action not supported at this time.

8.Obstruct / Resist a Constable – The offender has been charged.

9.Take a pedal cycle without consent – A bicycle has been taken from a garden. There are no suspects or witnesses.

10.Burglary Dwelling – The owner of the property has returned home and found the front door insecure. On entering the property a male has run off. The offender is linked to taking a motor vehicle without consent.

11.Theft by finding – A kennel has been broken into and a dog has been taken. There are no suspects or witnesses.

12.Take a motor vehicle without consent – the offender has been charged for the offence.

That concludes the report.

Mark Easton PCSO 30315