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Neighbourhood Development Plan: Referendum result

More than three years ago a dedicated group of volunteers agreed to produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) for Chudleigh. At the time they started, there was a confidence that the NDP could be produced and adopted within a year. It very quickly became clear that the drafting and re-drafting necessary, after extensive consultation and consideration, made this a much longer exercise than originally envisaged.

On Thursday 13 February the NDP process came to its conclusion when the plan was presented to the electors of Chudleigh in a referendum. The question asked was:-

Do you want Teignbridge District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Chudleigh to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

The outcome was:-

The 700 people voting (there was one spoilt ballot paper) represents almost a 20% turnout which, for a poll of this nature is very good. Our thanks to all the residents who took the time and trouble to vote. It is much appreciated.

The next, and final, step is for the District Council to formally adopt the Chudleigh NDP, placing it alongside the other statutory Development Plan documents, including the Teignbridge Local Plan, that need to be considered when making decisions on planning applications within the parish of Chudleigh.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan does not designate any additional land for development within the parish. However, it does introduce sixteen new policies which are specific to Chudleigh. These include a requirement for higher car parking standards within new housing developments and a policy aimed at protecting the special quality of the town’s landscape setting, both of which were controversial, but found to be acceptable by an independent examiner. The adoption of the Plan by District Council, which will happen in March, will also mean that the town will receive 25% of the funds generated locally by the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) rather than the 15% received at present.

The Mayor of Chudleigh, Cllr Martin Tinkler, said: “This is a significant moment for the parish of Chudleigh. The completion of the Neighbourhood Plan and its approval by the people of Chudleigh will ensure the local issues, some of which have been debated for more than a decade, will be fully taken into account by the District Council in future planning decisions. It will also maximise the local income from the Community Infrastructure Levy, helping the Town Council to satisfy the future needs of the parish. Our thanks are due to Mike Underwood, who chaired the Steering Committee, and especially to Graham Wall and his team of volunteers who devoted an enormous amount of time and effort to preparing the Plan, over a period of more than three years. Without their perseverance we would not have achieved the successful delivery of the Plan”.

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