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Doing What Matters (DWM) Community Grants Fund


The Council’s community strategy recognised four key priorities by which it wanted to lead and collaborate in its work with local people and communities:

To help local people connect with each other and their wider community.

To shift more control of local decisions to communities.

To challenge inequality where it exists for people and communities.

To do things differently in communities.

In order to meet these priorities, the council has established three new funds for people, communities and the local organisations that support them, to bid for, to effect change and improve wellbeing for people across Devon.

It is anticipated that these funds, alongside a range of matched funding from local people and partners, will support local projects and initiatives.

Each year the council will highlight a key local priority, around which bids will be particularly welcome.

This year bids to understand and address loneliness and isolation across generations and communities in Devon will be prioritised (2019-2020).

The Council’s funding will be used alongside its wider funding and delivery of key services to improve wellbeing for people and how our communities collaborate and co-exist.

The Council hopes to support bids that help people to build relationships and connections locally, across all age groups, help people become more physically active, take notice of their local environment or to develop opportunities for culture, creativity or learning, to support giving across local people and communities, including volunteering, and to make people feel safer locally.

Doing What Matters Community Grant Fund

The Doing What Matters (DWM) Community Grant Fund has been designed by the Devon County Council Business Support and Innovation Team in conjunction with the Communities Team to support not for private profit organisations to deliver projects which meet the strategic aim of the DWM Scheme. This is one of the funds outlined above.

The Doing What Matters Grants Fund has a total revenue grant fund for 2019-20 of £300k.

Maximum grant award: £20,000 per non-repeatable project applications.

Minimum grant award: £5,000.

Intervention rate: 75%, therefore, match-funding required minimum 25% of project costs.

Strategic aim

In line with DCC’s strategic priorities and challenges, the focus of the 2019/20 Doing What Matters Community Grant Fund is connecting people in a positive, fulfilling and inclusive way; tackling and reducing loneliness and undesired isolation in all their forms and across all age groups.

The Council intends the fund to be utilised for bids which help:

to build relationships and connections locally, across all age groups

people become more physically active

people take notice of their local environment

to develop opportunities for culture, creativity or learning

to support giving across local people and communities, including volunteering

to make people feel safer locally

Who can apply?

This grant is open to legally constituted and registered as a not-for-private-profit organisations. This includes voluntary, community and social enterprises (VCSE), town and parish councils, charities and businesses. Applications can be made by a combination of these groups working together.

To be eligible to apply the organisation or business must:

propose a project which actively supports the strategic aim as outlined above

operate predominantly in Devon which means that the majority of the organisation’s current and future service delivery is undertaken in Devon

be a medium (50 – 250 employees), small (10 – 49 employees) or micro (under 10 employees) enterprise (exemptions include local authorities health/police authority who can apply on behalf of a community group)

be able to produce audited accounts for the last 2 years

propose a project which will be delivered and funding spent before 31 March 2020

have match funding (the total cost of the project excluding the grant) in place at full application

have project beneficiaries (minimum 75%) inside the DCC administrative area

comply with all publicity requirements as outlined in their grant fund agreement

How long does the grants fund run for?

The project period currently runs to March 2020. All projects must be completed prior to 31 March 2020.