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Chudleigh Town Hall, Market Way, Chudleigh, Devon TQ13 0HL
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Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 15:00

Chudleigh repair Café

What are repair cafes?

Repair cafes were fist developed in the Netherlands and there are now over 1,000 around the world. They are community events which match people with broken or damaged household items with skilled volunteers who like fixing things. The purpose of the events is to banish the throwaway culture. Attendees are invited to learn how to fix their broken items alongside the repairers, instead of throwing them in the bin.

Why get involved?

People get involved in repair cafes for a number of reasons; concern for the environment and our throwaway culture, a desire to meet new people or help other people in the community, a love of fixing things and passing on new skills.

What skills do you need?

A repair café needs people with all sorts of skills including a pool of menders, volunteer co-ordinator, publicity, fundraising, technical and administration skills. We also need people to make and serve drinks and cake.

Where and when?

We would like to run our first repair café in Chudleigh in early 2020. We are considering venues and looking to recruit volunteers. If you are interested please contact:-

Bobby Hughes: 07858 450050 or email

Karen Castle: 07740 166537 or email