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Chudleigh Wild 2018-2019 Report to Town Council.

The group has been very active, helping wildlife and involving local people in lots of different ways:

Public Open Spaces - Several areas are looking much more attractive, following planting up with native bulbs (such as bluebells, snowdrops and wild daffodils) and wild flowers.

Litter-picking: Chudleigh Wild members have done regular litter-picks in public open spaces, keeping them tidy and safe for people and wildlife.

Walks and Talks: Dave Smallshire's Garden Wildlife Talk, with its superb photos, and his Ugbbrook Wildlife Walk were much enjoyed in March.

Helping Chudleigh's famous Greater Horseshoe Bats:

  • The Bat Garden that the group has created is good bats and good for spreading a message about the sort of plants you can put in your garden to help wildlife.
  • Annual Autumn Bat event at the Bat Field - 40 people, half of them children, had a fantastic evening, meeting small mammals that live in the fields, as well as some of the bats that feed there. A Barn Owl turned up as the event finished!
  • Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project’s community bat event was hosted at Chudleigh Town Hall, with help from Chudleigh Wild.
  • Bat research – some members have been helping with a research project looking at flight paths around the A38.
  • Oldway Bat Reserve: several committee members met with DWT Reserves Manager, Andy Bakere, and DWT Chief Executive, Harry Barton, to discuss ways Chudleigh Wild can help at the reserve.
  • Following this there have been several workdays: Members have improved flight lines for bats. A group of young people (all 12 or younger) and some parents have helped remove tree guards from the 6 yr-old hedge - and even managed to get sponsored and raise funds for the group!

Chudfest Fete: Our stall at attracted lots of interest, especially with Kelly’s taxidermy specimens and skulls.

National Swift Awareness Event: Members counted swifts from the car park on two evenings, attracting lots of public interest. At least 5 pairs were nesting on the back of the Town Hall and two on the side of the Globe, as well as some at the back of Con Club. We're hoping that young birds will return and use the swift boxes, but it’s early days yet.

Harcombe Cross: In the summer, a small group undertook several orchid counts at Harcombe Cross, where the verges are a County Wildlife Site for their orchids and other rare plants. The counts carried on the good work that Michel Hughes has done for years. Over the last few years the Highways Agency had not mown the area according to the management plan. Tess has now made sure their contractors get the management of the orchid CWS back on track - the site is looking much better.

Unconfirmed Wildlife Sites: A group undertook surveys of several UWSs over the summer as part of a project with Teignbridge Council and the Devon Biodiversity Records Centre. As a result, several sites have now become County Wildlife Sites.

Trees – a small group has held three events measuring and recording Chudleigh’s big/old trees. The info has been submitted to the Ancient Tree Forum.