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Amberley Farm, Chudleigh: Pre-planning application meeting:

Councillors Frost, Lillington, Jackson and the Town Clerk met with the owners of the property, at their invitation, on Monday 18 June at 1.30pm.

Amberley Farm is currently operating as a three bedroom B & B but, given this is quite labour intensive, the owners are anxious to move towards a self-catering operation.

Amberley Farm lies in quite extensive grounds and we were shown the area where Martin and Louise Bullen intend to place three self-catering lodges. The lodges would consist of two double bedrooms with spacious living space. Whilst the precise positioning is yet to be determined it will be within an area of their land that was previously used for a quite significant egg-processing operation. The current owners have cleared the site quite effectively but there is more tidying up to be done.

Any neighbouring properties are quite a distance from the site (they are certainly out of visual range) so I cannot see any reason why the lodges would provide any nuisance to neighbours.

The lodge site would be accessed by a double farm gate, separate from the access to Amberley B & B. The lane is narrow and close to a bend but the volumes of traffic movements should be quite low. That, however, is an issue for Highways.

Martin and Louise have been in pre-application discussions with the District Council’s planning team and hope that their planning application will be registered imminently. Councillors suggested that the applicant check whether an ecological survey would be required at this point.

John Carlton

Town Clerk

19 June 2018