Coronavirus: Support for vulnerable groups at Chudleigh Post Office

I just wanted to let you know that for the proposed lock down period, specifically for the vulnerable group, I will be allocating the first ten mins (from opening at 9am), to the vulnerable group of customers, should they need to get cash/want to come out. Everything would be freshly cleaned and hopefully a safe environment for them. This service will commence on Friday 20 March.

The other option is to have a dedicated couple of staff that only deal with getting cash for people. All high street banks accounts can be accessed through us here at the post office.

If they have a Post Office Card Account, they can apply for a permanent agent card, if they have a safe family/friend person they are happy to use.

Also we have a Travel money card which although there would be a small fee, this is a stand alone card (so much safer than giving their bank cards out to people), money can be popped on this and transactions can be checked and the card can be topped up at home, either on line or by a smart phone app. These can be purchased over the counter or by home delivery, which takes around 3 days. This is still a risk, as with their bank cards, they should never give out their PIN number to anyone!!