9th November 2020

As if there isn’t enough going on at the moment as a result of an additional lockdown, more people on furlough or even worse, being made redundant and businesses going under with all the problems and worries that that entails, it’s also that time of the year when loan sharks are traditionally more active than ever and with Christmas on the horizon, vulnerable people will be targeted more than ever by these criminals as the need for money and for a celebration looms ever closer.

As a result I have laid on a series of awareness talks on loan sharks and the Illegal Money Team between now and Christmas and the dates and times of these talks are on the attached document.

This time around I have made all these talks “public” as opposed to “private” on Eventbrite so even though you and your teams may have already come along to a talk previously, can I ask that you cascade this out across your organisation, to your networks and to your partners so that the message can reach out to as many people as possible across Devon & Cornwall to the dangers of borrowing of loan sharks.


Dave Monk

LIAISE Officer (Leads in Awareness, Intelligence, Support & Education)

England Illegal Money Lending Team

South West of England


23rd Nov – Available To Book From 30th Oct


26th Nov – Available To Book From 2nd Nov


30th Nov – Available To Book From 6th November


3rd Dec – Available To Book From 9th November


8th Dec – Available To Book From 14th November


10th Dec – Available To Book From 16th November


15th Dec – Available To Book From 21st November


17th Dec – Available To Book From 23rd November


All webinars commence at 10.30am