Allotment Holders

A message for allotment holders.

We are striving to keep the two allotment sites open as we believe that it provides a good source of exercise for those who have plots and social distancing should be easy to achieve.

To allow us the keep the sites open I need to ask plot holders to do the following:-

  • Please do not drive to the sites unless you really need to. You are aware that the Government is discouraging car journeys for anything other than essential reasons. I think we need to do the same with regards to the allotments.
  • When you are on site please avoid congregating in groups and maintain a minimum of two metres from others on the site. The social distancing rules apply at the allotments in the same way as anywhere else.
  • Please do not light bonfires whilst the pandemic runs its course. It will impact on air quality and will annoy people living close to the sites.

Thank you

John Carlton

Town Clerk

7 April 2020