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Town Council Plan

Chudleigh Town Council Plan 2016-17

“Chudleigh, a town with something for everyone”


Chudleigh Town Council worked closely with residents, businesses and partners to produce the Chudleigh Master Plan in 2011. This plan reviews and updates the Master Plan in the light of developments since then. It builds on feedback and the needs and aspirations of those who live and work in Chudleigh.

Our aim is to improve the services, facilities and amenities of Chudleigh in partnership with residents: providing a good model of governance; and, social, financial and environmental responsibility. We will review this plan annually together with those affected by CTC’s activities, and welcome feedback on any aspect.

Richard Keeling, Mayor


Executive summary


Underpinning principles

Key aims and objectives

Review and feedback.



The Chudleigh Master Plan outlined some of the challenges and opportunities for Chudleigh. In particular it recognised that, “Chudleigh is rich in history, natural assets and community spirit. It nestles at the foot of the spectacular Haldon Hills, is at one of the gateways to the picturesque Teign Valley and is only a stone’s throw from the Dartmoor National Park. It has easy access to the regional and national road network and is well placed to serve visitors from the surrounding areas and from further afield. Although it has many of the ingredients for success, it has a big challenge to find its unique selling point and to attract the investment needed to enable its economy and community to flourish and become a more sustainable place to live and work. To help achieve this Chudleigh will be a place where current and future generations have access to the homes, jobs and community facilities that they need in order to thrive.”

It addressed issues under the following headings:

  • Housing
  • Education
  • The local economy
  • Getting around
  • Community facilities
  • The character of the town
  • The local environment and landscape setting

Many aspects of the Master Plan were incorporated into the Teignbridge Local Plan 2013-2033, adopted in 2014.

One of the major challenges that emerge from this is how to maintain the special nature of Chudleigh against a potential increase in population of 25% over the next 10 years.

The Strategic Plan outlined below aims to build on:

  • Our strong base of Master Plan and our openness to improve and listen, to plans for the future through improved consultation and communication.
  • The wide range of skills, knowledge and experience of the council members.

IT will also identify critical success factors to monitor our progress in realising our strategic objectives

Key principles

Chudleigh Town Council will uphold the ten general principles of public life as outlined in the Code of Conduct for council members. These are:

Selflessness, honesty and integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, personal judgement, respect for others, duty to uphold the law, stewardship and leadership. We will also build on the principle of sustainability.


  • 1.Develop new ways of communicating with residents and encouraging civic participation by those we are not currently reaching.
  • 2.Develop working and business opportunities within Chudleigh.
  • 3.Strengthen our links with Teignbridge District Council and Devon County Council, through our councillors and relevant officers, to increase the support, advice and positive outcomes for Chudleigh.
  • 4.Strengthen our links with funders and commissioners of services to establish new opportunities for funding and income generation
  • 5.Build up our reserves and assets in order to increase sustainability.
  • 6.Reduce our carbon footprint, protect and enhance the natural environment and provide a model within Chudleigh for sustainable resource practices.
  • 7.Develop and invest in the Town Hall team in order to develop competences and approaches to meet the forthcoming challenges.
  • 8.Develop more systematic and streamlined processes for council business, leading to swifter decision making and actions.

Objectives (action plans will be developed for each objective by the lead councillors)

(Abbreviations. BG=Business Guild, CCIC=Chudleigh Community Interest Company, TEC=Town Enhancement Committee, TDC=Teignbridge District Council. Lead councillors identified by initials.)

Aim 1. To develop new ways of communicating with residents and encouraging civic participation by those we are not reaching

Objective 1.1 To develop at least two new methods of communication and consultation which target residents we are not currently reaching, and evaluate their scope and impact by 1.4.17 (link to 8.4) (CW/MM)
Update October 2016 Facebook has been developed. NDP consultation can also provide different ways of community involvement.
Objective 1.2 Develop at least 2 new methods of communication and consultation with our key community groups by 1.12.16 (RK/SC/MM)
Update October 2016 Involvement of community groups through NDP working groups is one new method. Work in progress on second.
Objective 1.3 To develop at least one new social facility for a specific resident group by 1.4.17 (SC/MA)
Update October 2016 No action yet. Possible group for focus is single parents.
Objective 1.4 To continue to develop a range of vibrant youth services by 1.4.17 (MA/?)
Update October 2016 Application to Viridor unsuccessful. Further discussions with School and YC to take place.
Aim 2. -Develop working and business opportunities within Chudleigh.
Objective 2.1 To explore the potential for shared (hub) office facilities and remote working to encourage organisations to use Chudleigh as a base. (?)
Update October 2016 Needs a lead councillor
Objective 2.2 To review business opportunities in Chudleigh, with the CBG (RK/?)
Update October 2016 Needs a second lead councillor and action plan.
Objective 2.3 To promote Chudleigh’s potential for visitors, including Town Centre improvement. (MU)
Update October 2016 Suggestion to BG to apply for a grant to improve shop fronts was not taken up. Town trail leaflet, orientation boards and signage now under work in progress, through TEC. Work has taken place with BG to develop ideas for leafleting “holiday venues” with MUGA, Skatepark, town trail, eateries and other attractions to improve visitor footfall. Flower planting-already happening Bat Centre-still to be debated.
Objective 2.4 Explore the potential for apprenticeships and work experience in Chudleigh (RK/?)
Update October 2016 Needs a second councillor (DHL?)and action plan

Aim 3. To improve links with key officers in planning and other departments to achieve speedier advice and support on specific issues.

Objective 3.1 To agree and provide information from CTC that is useful to our TDC and DCC councillors in representing Chudleigh’s interests by 1.9.16. (DHL/PJK)
Update October 2016 Update/feedback needed from DHL
Objective 3.2 To identify 2 key officers in TDC and in DCC with whom to strengthen communication and advice by 1.7.16. (DHL/JC)
Update October 2016 Update needed. We need to improve communications with the officer for s106.
Aim 4. Strengthen our links with funders and commissioners of services to establish new opportunities for funding and income generation
Objective 4.1 To identify two new sources of grant funding and establish the knowledge and relationships to enable applications to be made by 1.4.17 (?)
Update October 2016 Needs a lead officer or could TEC take this on? Database created (8 pages so far) Oliver Stone and MM are going to be doing some work on potential funding sources for TEC which links to this objective.
Objective 4.2 To identify one key commissioner of public services and establish the knowledge and relationships to enable provider applications by 1.4.17 (TF?)
Update October 2016 Needs an agreed lead officer.
Aim 5. Build up our reserves, and assets, in order to increase sustainability and potential
Objective 5.1 Agree register of current assets and add environmental assets by 1.9.16 (link to 6.2) (MU/CL)
Update October 2016 Done
Objective 5.2 Set a target for increasing CTC reserves and a plan to meet it, by 1.10.16 (CL)
Update October 2016 Ongoing. Meeting planned before January 2017 awayday.
Objective 5.3 Analyse use of assets and set targets to improve usage by 1.12.16 (CL/MU)
Update October 2016 Work in progress. Example is to increase income from cemetery by introducing “natural burial sites”. Target £10k income in 2017/18. The register of assets will be examined for common purpose and joint venture acquisition.
Objective 5.4 Develop a 5 year rolling programme for asset acquisition to take account of new population demands by 1.4.17 (CL/MU)
Update October 2016 Meeting with TDC planning officers has taken place to ascertain specific conditions placed on new developments for sports enhancement in the town.
Objective 5.5 Work with community organisations to agree the need for any new buildings or renovation/enhancement by 1.4.17 (MM/MA/MU/CL)
Update October 2016 Work in progress. NDP process in place. One policy will be the expansion of community facilities in Chudleigh, particularly sport, concert and drama. CCIC is applying for funds for feasibility work on new buildings.
Aim 6. Reduce our carbon footprint, protect and enhance the natural environment and provide a model within Chudleigh for sustainable resource practices.
Objective 6.1 Develop an action plan for CTC use of resources to increase recycling, re-usage, renewables and sustainable energy. (TF/Environment Committee)
Update October 2016 PV panels, ongoing. Also water recycling. Waster, e.g. paper, plastic, glass and metal: ongoing enquiries of Devon contract waste.
Objective 6.2 Map natural environmental assets (hedgerows, trees etc.) and develop plan to protect and enhance. (TF/EC)
Update October 2016 Long term project. Chudleigh biodiversity survey of 2009-10 noted. More work is planned with paper and electronic archiving in the public domain.
Objective 6.3 Develop a plan to manage the waterways, ponds etc. to reduce runoff and flooding. (TF/EC)
Update October 2016 Cooperation with developers e.g. Taylor Wimpey in place, but other measures investigated.
Objective 6.4 Negotiate an enhanced bus service (TF/EC)
Update October 2016 Ongoing
Objective 6.5 Develop Chudleigh as a bat centre and explore potential for green burial site. (TF/EC)
Update October 2016 Host centre for bat recorder Management of verges and parkland for insect-friendly habitats. Planting at bat field

Plan for flowery, fragrant arbour for enjoyment of people, moths and bats at the corner of Rock Road.

Green burial

Proposal for top east corner of cemetery to be planted as flower meadow and native low (4foot) hedge for potential green burial site.

Aim 7. Develop and invest in the Town Hall team in order to develop competences and approach to meet the forthcoming challenges.

Objective 7.1 Set a budget for staff development and training. (CL/JC)
Update October 2016 Budget set for £500.
Objective 7.2 Implement an annual appraisal system linked to the Chudleigh TC Plan, which identifies development and training activities (CL with TH team/RK and MA).
Update October 2016 Appraisal system in place. Objectives linked to plan and development activities identified.

Aim 8-Develop more systematic, robust and streamlined processes for council business, leading to swifter decision making and actions.

Objective 8.1 Undertake a review of business processes and develop action plan for modification and improvement, by 1.12.16 (MM/TH team)
Update October 2016 Improvement work in progress on SAGE processes. Ongoing.
Objective 8.2 Identify where technology can enhance processes and implement changes by 1.4.17 (MM/TH team)
Update October 2016 Meeting in November to take this forward.
Objective 8.3 Identify any legal responsibilities that need further briefing and training by 1.12.16 (MM/TH team)
Update October 2016 Consideration by council of independent HR advice, to accompany the H&S advice from WPS.
Objective 8.4 Identify key business risks and mitigating action with reviews by 1.4.17 (CL)
Update October 2016 Risk register being drafted in time for THF scrutiny and consideration at January awayday.
Objective 8.5 Provide communication channels, as a point of contact for the public through website, telephones, social media in addition to drop in facility by 1.4.17 (MM/THteam)
Update October 2016 FaceBook has been improved and is being monitored. Further work in progress.

Review and feedback

This Plan will be subject to annual review each January, which will include consultation and feedback with key stakeholder groups and residents.

A set of longer term aims and objectives will be identified throughout the year.

Appendix A: CTC Responsibilities

Planning, highways, transport and traffic, community safety, housing, street lighting, allotments, cemeteries, playing fields, community centres, litter, war memorials, seats and shelters, rights of way – these are some the issues that concern parish government. Central Government is encouraging local councils to deliver more services and play a greater part in their communities.

Statutory Duties

The law gives local councils choice in activities to undertake; but surprisingly there are very few duties, or activities that they must carry out in delivering services to local people. Exceptions are that a council must:

  • comply with obligations under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Equality Act 2010
  • comply with employment law
  • consider the impact of their decisions on reducing crime and disorder in their area
  • have regard to the protection of biodiversity in carrying out their functions
  • consider the provision of allotments if there is a demand for them from local residents and it is reasonable to do so
  • decide whether to adopt a churchyard when it is closed, if asked to do so by the Parochial Church Council