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Vandalism in Chudleigh

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve experienced some vandalism problems – the first in some time. Firstly we had two refuse bins kicked into oblivion at the skate park. The cost of replacing them was £374, money that we would have preferred to spend elsewhere. The second problem we had was at Fore Street park where vandals have attacked the pagoda, various wooden pegs and shingles have been removed and other pieces of timber torn off. Given the bespoke nature of the construction we need the contractors who built it to carry out the repairs. They are not local so it may take a few weeks for the repairs to be carried out. We don’t yet know how much this will cost.

If you do witness any vandalism in the town please inform the police using the 101 call facility. Alternatively, please contact the Town Hall staff and give us as much information as you have. If we know roughly when the vandalism took place we have some hope of identifying the offenders from CCTV footage.