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The Town Hall March update

Most of you will probably be aware that on Friday 30 January a blocked drain created a back-up of foul water which flooded the gent’s toilet and the rest centre kitchen. Given the nature of the contamination it means that both the toilet and the kitchen will need to be completely replaced. As I write this the work on the drains to prevent any reoccurrence has been completed. We have provided the insurance company with quotations for the remedial work and are awaiting their agreement to commence. Inevitably, this work will take a few weeks.

The good thing is that the rest centre is still in use as a function/meeting room. This has meant that the only bookings we have not been able to honour are the various coffee mornings where access to the kitchen is essential. At the moment I have no idea of when we will be back in full working order but it is probably safest to assume that it will not be before the middle or the end of April.

1) You are probably aware that Devon & Cornwall Constabulary are moving out of their premises in Rock Road and establishing an administrative office in the Town Hall. They are occupying the Council chamber and two adjoining store rooms on the first floor. Their contractors have commenced work today and will be with us for around eight weeks. We have arranged for the really noisy work (knocking through walls) to take place during the week of 30 March (mostly on 31 March) as this will mean that the pre-school are not disrupted. Most of the other work will create vary little noise or disruption. If, though, you find that the work is interfering with your activity please let me know.

2) There will also be changes to the forecourt and to parking arrangements as part of the works for the Constabulary. The bollards and the bench nearest the pet shop will be removed. The pavement will be dropped along the length of the forecourt to improve parking facilities. The forecourt will be marked out into parking bays with an exclusion zone to prevent the front door or the fire escape being obstructed. One space will be reserved for police use only. The other spaces will be for the use of staff and hirers. I do need to ask that you park solely in the bays when they are marked out and avoid double parking. It would be useful if you could advise your clients of this.

3) You are aware that the rest centre kitchen and toilets have been out of action since the beginning of February. I have finally received consent from our insurers to proceed with the refurbishment of both the kitchen and toilets.A contractor has been appointed and plans to commence work immediately after the Easter Bank Holiday. They advise me that the work will take between 2 and 3 weeks so I think we can acticipate the restoration of kitchen and toilet facilities by the beginning of May

If you have any concerns or require more information please get in touch with me.



John Carlton

Town Clerk