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The Gardens Playpark

The Gardens Play Park

Back in July we started an informal public consultation to try to find out how much this play park is used and to ascertain whether it still had community value.

We did this because we are aware that the play park is now quite old and is need of upgrading and updating. Inevitably, the cost of doing this will be quite substantial so we only wanted to do it if the play park still had relevance to the local community.

We received a good level of response to our requests for comments. Everyone who responded said that they used the play park and would do so more if the facilities were improved.

Therefore, the Town Council has taken the decision to retain the play park. The next step is to determine what we can do to improve it. We have a couple of options. The “quick fix” is to refurbish or replace the multiplay which would probably cost between £2,000 and £5,000. We would only want to do this if we felt that our ability to undertake a more substantial refurbishment was some distance in the future.

Over the next few months we will talk to some play park providers and get a feel for the options available and how much they will cost. When we’ve gathered this information and explored the funding options we’ll report back via our website and Facebook.