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Grovelands Development

The Taylor Wimpey development at Grovelands

On 16 March 2016 Taylor Wimpey held a public exhibition at the Town Hall to publicise their plans for the development of land at Grovelands and Colway Lane and to seek feedback from residents. Over recent months Taylor Wimpey and the design team have been very busy reviewing feedback from the event and preparing the planning application that has now been submitted to Teignbridge District Council planning department.

The full planning application provides for 65 new homes across both the CH4 and CH5 Local Plan sites, it also extends to 4 plots for self-build on the northern site and the conversion of the barn fronting New Exeter St into a new dwelling. The Taylor Wimpey new homes are applied for in full detail and the self-build plots and barn conversion are in outline only as is requested by Teignbridge DC. It is the intention that these would then be marketed for sale with outline planning permission through the appropriate District Council approved channels. The access arrangements for these plots and the barn are shown on the plans and would be established as part of this planning application.

Loss of parking along the Exeter Rd frontage was identified as one of the most important issues by attendees of the public consultation. Taylor Wimpey therefore have proposed to deliver eleven parking bays further east along the road, opposite the junction with Brocklands. This is part of the package of highways works to be secured and delivered under a section 278 agreement with Devon County Council Highways. These works will also cover the re-location of the traffic calming feature and pedestrian improvement works along Exeter Rd, on the Colway Lane/Exeter Road junction and on both new junctions as presented in March.

The drainage management system for the development was also raised as a high priority by attendees. As a result of this and following discussions with the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA), the proposal for the southern site has been changed from that presented in March which had previously proposed a controlled discharge into the leat. The submitted proposal is for a controlled discharge upstream of the leat into the stream which culverts underneath Brocklands and feeds into to Kate Brook.

On the north site, they have re-distributed some of the parking to avoid a large court adjacent to the hedge boundary with Colway Lane and also to allow the road connection to be made into the northern parcel to deliver the rest of the allocation. This proposed connection point into the northern parcel has moved to this location across from the eastern boundary. On the south site, they have introduced a new two storey apartment block (with four apartments) as a result of discussions with the Affordable Housing Officer at Teignbridge DC who identified a need in Chudleigh for 1 bed properties over one level.

The next step is for the Town Council to consider the detailed planning application. This will happen on the evening of 19 October when the planning committee will meet at 7pm. Representatives from Taylor Wimpey will be on hand to answer any queries from the public or councillors.