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Meeting with representatives of Taylor Wimpey: 13 October 2017

In attendance: Colin Danks (Peter Brett Associates), Richard Harrison (Taylor Wimpey Land &Planning Director), Richard Williams (Taylor Wimpey), Sarah Tricker (Taylor Wimpey), Councillors Hellier Laing, Frost, Evans, McCormick, Jackson, Lillington and Underwood.

This meeting had been requested by Colin Danks. He advised that there had been several changes to the plans we considered last year as Taylor Wimpey had sought to act upon the concernsvoiced by both planners and the public.

The northern site (Land next to James House)

All the properties that face onto Exeter Road and Colway Lane will front on to the two roads whereas, before, several of them had their back gardens fronting on to the roads. The planners considered this to be more in keeping with Chudleigh.

There has been a conscious decision to build in short terraces as this is considered to be something of a continuation of the conservation area in terms of lay out.

They are providing public open space on site.

The infrastructure has, at the request of planners, been designed so that it could also service the field beyond the development even though Taylor Wimpey do not own it. As a council we have, in the past, complained about a lack of joined up thinking regarding links between different developments so we should welcome this.

There are four self-build plots

The southern site:

Similar consideration of fronting and terracing as on the northern site.

There is a pedestrian access point to the site situated close to the leat.

A new feature is the play area on the site

Colin Danks drew attention to the attenuation area, which is bigger than previously. They have measured the green field run-off and added 30% to that figure to take account of climate change. They consider that the SUD system that they will put in place will deal with all the surface water the site will generate. However, they do not claim that there will be any significant betterment of the cuurent problems we have.


Most of the dwellings have two parking places and around 30% of the properties will have garages.

Refuse: All refuse will be collected in site (No additional bins on Exeter Road or Colway Lane)

All through roads on the site will be adopted by County Highways.

The cul-de-sacs will be private roads. Residents will pay a management fee for these (as well as boundary hedges and open space) to be maintained by the appointed management company.

Parts of the site will require low level and LED lighting to serve the bats that frequent the site

Some of the properties on the sites will be designated as “lifetime homes”. This means that they are designed so that they can be easily retro-fitted with such things as lifts

Next steps:

Taylor Wimpey will submit revised plans in around 3 weeks

That will signal the start of a public consultation period on the revised plans

John Carlton

17 October 2017