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We’ve received a number of enquiries asking why various lamp columns have been replaced during the re-lamping work being carried out by Devon County Council. They advise that the lamp columns they have replaced are lamp columns 1 to 6 the Parade, lamp columns 1,1A, 2 Fore Street and Station Hill lamp columns 1,2,12,13,14.

All these columns have been identified as being of a type, which we have recently had major structural failure on and as a result they are being replaced to protect the public. With no funds being available from third parties, DCC have had to put back standard maintenance columns which will be painted the same colour as the existing columns, and these columns will fitted with LED lanterns to help reduce the energy used.

The existing lanterns on the WPD poles will be replaced with LED lanterns also as part of the work on the main roads in Chudleigh.