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Reporting Fly-Tipping

Sadly, fly-tipping is on the increase. Most of us have had the experience of walking in a country lane or footpath and coming across a pile of household waste, tyres or building materials. Once you have got over your feelings of outrage (well, that’s how I react) the important thing is to make sure the waste is removed. This will only happen if someone reports it to the District Council. Don’t assume that someone else will report it. Whilst you can tell us at the Town Council about the fly-tipping it is really quite important that the person finding the waste reports it themselves. Most fly-tipping occurs in out of the way locations so the finder is in the best position to describe the exact location to the District Council.

Should you actually witness a fly-tipping incident, please obtain as many details as possible – a description of the vehicle used and the person(s) involved in useful. A registration number of the vehicle is ideal. However, do not approach the persons involved and do not put yourself at risk.

There are two ways of reporting fly-tipping. You can telephone the District Council on 01626 361101. The operator will ask you to describe the waste and the location. They will also ask you for a contact telephone number so that their staff can contact you if they are struggling to find the waste. There is also an online reporting tool on the District Council’s website which is quite easy to use.

Once the fly-tipping has been reported the District Council will send out their blitz team staff to clear it. This normally happens within a couple of days. They will search through the waste to see if there is anything that identifies the culprit – yes, they often are that stupid.