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The Town Council received this proposal from the District Council last week. We will be discussing it when our planning committee meets on 20 June. Members of the public are most welcome to attend and state their views. The meeting commences at 7pm

“The Council is considering selling a freehold interest in part of the Market Way Car Park to facilitate the development of a new dental surgery in Chudleigh.

The Council is advised that the existing dental surgery at 21 Old Exeter Street is rapidly becoming unfit for purpose and, with no room for expansion, will shortly no longer be able to fulfil the requirements of the Care Quality Commission (CQC). These are rigorous parameters relating to cross infection, decontamination, disabled access and patient welfare.

In addition, the practice is running above capacity, with some 200 people on the waiting list. Land is allocated in the Local Plan for up to a further 435 new homes for the town and dental services will be required by the expanding population.

The Council is in a position to facilitate the building of a new surgery on part of its car park.

When selling an interest in land, the Council is required to ensure best consideration under the Local Government Act 1972 and the General Disposal Consent 2003. This would ordinarily best be ensured by open marketing. However, in this instance it is proposed that the Council treat only with the dental surgery based on the following assumptions:-

  • 1)The site is only to be made available to facilitate the development of a new dental surgery
  • 2)That the Council is willing to treat only with the existing dental surgery and would otherwise not be selling the land
  • 3)That best consideration, ie the market value for this use, be established by way of an independent valuation

The site is approximately 0.011 hectares (0.27 acres) and currently comprises 5 disabled car parking spaces (although due to the required reconfiguration of the car park overall, this would result in a loss of 6 parking spaces. It is anticipated that these disabled car parking spaces would be re-allocated within the car park and the cost reimbursed to the Council by the purchaser.

Other options for the new dental practice are to convert a domestic premises. However, restricted by the value of residential premises and the cost of conversion, alternative options have not been considered viable.

The proposal enables the Council to continue to honour the covenant to provide at least 50 car parking spaces on the site. This is an undertaking the Council gave to the Coop when it sold them land at the rear of the Health Centre/Library.


To treat with only one party in relation to the disposal of surplus land should only be undertaken in exceptional circumstances. In this instance, the Council’s ambition to support dental health provision for the local community is considered such a circumstance.

Alternatives considered

  • a)To not sell the site
  • b)To market the site on the open market


To sell part of Market Way Car Park, Chudleigh to the Owners of the Chudleigh Dental Practice with a user restriction for use as a Dental Surgery applied to the title.”