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You will be aware of the challenges facing social care services as people live longer, in particular people with complex conditions.

This means that Devon County Council, like all local authorities with social care responsibility, is having to rethink our relationship with the people who receive our support and the communities they live in.

We will continue to target of our resources at those people in greatest need, but this has to be in ways which enable that person to be as self-sufficient as possible within the constraints of their circumstances. That requires considering the role of families, friends and informal social networks as sources of support, and the role of local communities in creating environments which enable those local support networks to flourish.

Our overall approach to this challenge is called ‘Promoting Independence' and in order to inform that approach and its implementation, we want to engage those people with a key role to play in local communities.

We have developed some key principles which underpin the promotion of independence and we want to test those principles and explore what they will look like in practice, so we are arranging a series of discussion events accompanied by an online survey.

There will be both daytime and evening events in four locations across the county so please reply by 28 February if you would like to book a place. Please note that venue capacity means that if we are oversubscribed we will do our best to select a range of attendees who represent as many different perspectives as possible, and everyone will also have a chance to give us their views online. If the timing of our events is not convenient and you really want to give us your views in person, officers will also be available for a discussion if you drop in between the actual events.

If we find that there is a huge demand to meet in a particular area then we may arrange another event in due course. We are also testing the principles of promoting independence at a wide range of other forums and meetings. As you can see, we are doing our best to enable as many stakeholders as possible to give us their views…

EVENTSPlease let us know which time and date you would like to attend by replying to by Tuesday 28th February.

Wednesday 15 March, Tumbling Weir Hotel, Ottery St MaryFacilitated event: 3pm-4.30pmDrop-in discussion opportunity: 5-6pmFacilitated event: 6.30-8.30pm

Thursday 16 March, Civic Hall, TotnesFacilitated event: 3pm-4.30pmDrop-in discussion opportunity: 5-6pmFacilitated event: 6.30-8.30pm

Wednesday 22 March, Exeter City Football ClubFacilitated event: 3pm-4.30pmDrop-in discussion opportunity: 5-6pmFacilitated event: 6.30-8.30pm

Thursday 23 March, Town Hall, South MoltonFacilitated event: 3pm-4.30pmDrop-in discussion opportunity: 5-6pmFacilitated event: 6.30-8.30pm

ONLINE ENGAGEMENTWe are sending this invitation message out now to give stakeholders as much notice as possible, we will soon be following this message with a website link which will enable you to comment on our promoting independence principles.