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Police Report

The Police Report for the Chudleigh Town Council meeting for June 2016 is as follows:

There were a total of 9 Crimes recorded for Chudleigh broken down as follows -

  • 1.3 x Domestic Violence incidents reported over the month. The police and the relevant partner agencies have been informed and are working with the persons involved.
  • 2.2 x Theft from shop – A number of bottles of alcohol have been taken on both occasions. The offenders are not known. The images of the suspects have been published on the police briefing system for possible identification.
  • 3.Harassment without violence – Unwanted content has been received via a mobile. The offender has been identified and words of advice have been given.
  • 4.Use threatening / obscene / insulting words / behaviour – An incident occurred in the street with no witnesses. Insulting words were used followed by Facebook comments. The incident is still under investigation.
  • 5.Sending letters etc with intent to cause distress or anxiety – A number of text messages from an unknown number were received over a period of time. The messages all threatened to burn a property down. The number has been contacted on numerous occasions with no reply. A text message has also been sent from the police requesting that the messages stop.
  • 6.Exposure – A female was followed by an unknown male in a secluded wooded area. The female shouted at the male who then rode off on a bicycle left nearby. There is a description of the male and the bicycle. Enquiries are complete pending any further information.

Mark Easton PC Alison Hooper