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The Police Report for the Chudleigh Town Council meeting for the month of January 2018 is as follows:

There were a total of 8 Crimes recorded for the month of December 2017 in Chudleigh broken down as follows:

1.4 x Domestic incidents – The relevant partner agencies have been informed and safeguarding for the victims are in place.

2.2 x Common Assault – There have been 2 separate incidents at a location involving a young person with mental health issues. There is safeguarding in place for the person and agencies are actively working with the family.

3.Theft from a motor vehicle – A rear number plate has been taken. There are no suspects or witnesses.

4.Criminal damage to property under £5000 – Damage has been cause to a security gate in an attempt to gain entry to a business park. No suspect has been identified.

There have been a number of shed breaks at the Tower Hill allotments over the Christmas and New Year period. The town clerk has sent an email to all allotment owners for information. An article has been published on the police website requesting information and offering security advice. Information leaflet regarding security of sheds and security marking of tools have been made available and are located in the town hall. Mark will be contacting affected allotment owners this week to offer reassurance and security advice.

Jon and I have been paying attention to the following issues in Chudleigh over the last month:

1.Parking on pavements and junctions in certain areas of Chudleigh.

2.Patrolling the play parks.

3.Patrolling Chudleigh School at drop off and pick up times.

4.Anti-poaching patrols.

Warning notices have been placed on several vehicles parked on pavements.

That concludes the report.

Mark Easton PCSO 30315

Jon Croft PC 15661