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Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 15:00

Police report:

There were a total of 21 Crimes recorded for the month of January 2018 in Chudleigh broken down as follows:

1.4 x Domestic incidents – The relevant partner agencies have been informed and safeguarding for the victims are in place.

2.11 x Burglary other than dwelling – Sheds have been broken into at an allotment site and an amount of tools have been stolen. There are no suspects or witnesses. The neighbourhood team have offered security advice and reassurance to the victims.

3.Theft from a motor vehicle – Number plates has been taken from a vehicle parked secure and unattended in a car park. There are no suspects or witnesses.

4.2 x Criminal damage to property – A gate and a vehicle have been damaged by another vehicle. There are no lines of enquiry.

5.Dog out of control – A dog of off a lead has attacked another dog. The offending dog owner has accepted a Voluntary Control Order, with the conditions that the dog be kept on a lead and muzzled when in public.

6.Assault a person / ABH – 2 males in drink had a verbal argument which resulted in blows from both. The males do not want to support further police action.

7.Burglary dwelling – A secured shed situated in a rear garden has been broken into. An amount of foodstuffs have been stolen. There are no suspects or witnesses.

8.Theft other – Theft by finding - A vehicle and an amount of jewellery have been sold on behalf of their owner. No money was given to the owner prior to the sale of the items as agreed. Therefore not legally theirs to sell. The offenders have been identified and have been ordered to pay for the items.

Jon and I have been paying attention to the following issues in Chudleigh over the last month:

1.Parking on pavements and junctions in certain areas of Chudleigh including Chudleigh Knighton

2.Patrolling the play parks.

3.Patrolling Chudleigh School at drop off and pick up times.

4.Anti-poaching patrols.

5.Attending Chudleigh cub scouts and Daisy Chains pre-school.

Warning notices have been placed on several vehicles parked on pavements.

That concludes the report.

Mark Easton PCSO 30315

Jon Croft PC 15661