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The Police Report for the Chudleigh Town Council meeting for April 2017 is as follows:

There were a total of 7 Crimes recorded for the month of March 2017 in Chudleigh broken down as follows -

3 x Theft from shop – There has been 3 incidents of shoplifting. The offenders have been captured on the CCTV system. The images have been published on the police computer briefing page for possible identification. The offenders for 2 crimes have been identified and are being dealt with.

Attempted burglary – An attempt was made to gain entry to a house by trying to force a patio door. Due to the design of the door the attempt failed. There was slight damage to the frame. There are no suspects or witnesses. The neighbourhood team carried out house to house in the area and a reassurance visit to the property.

3 x Criminal damage – to motor vehicle – All of the vehicles were parked secure and unattended. A car has been scratched a Motor home has had the front window and side windows broken and damage has been caused to the headlight and the rear of a motor scooter. The owner of the motor home disturbed 3 males damaging his vehicle. All 3 ran off and got into a vehicle with another male driver which then drove off. The males were not known and there was no vehicle registration number passed.

There are no witnesses or suspects to the other offences.

Mark Easton

PCSO 30315 JC