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Planning Issues

The Town Council’s planning committee met on 23 April in a very crowded rest centre. Whilst there were eight applications on the agenda, only three of the applications were of interest to the audience. The first of these was an outline application from IPL Land to construct 16 dwellings on land next to James House. Councillors decided to oppose the application because they were concerned that the proposed entrance, off Bottle Bridge Hill was inadequate and potentially dangerous. Councillors were also concerned that the detached dwellings proposed were not what was needed to meet Chudleigh’s housing needs. They also opposed an application from Bovis Homes for the retention of a number of flags and advertising hoardings at their site entrance off Station Hill. Councillors felt that the amount of advertising was something of an eyesore and well beyond what was needed for a site of that size. The third application that attracted public interest was for a change of use of Filleigh House to allow the ground floor to be used as a fitness studio. Councillors felt that the access was inadequate to cope with the increased volume of traffic that commercial use would generate. Councillors did support plans for a yurt camp at Rattycombe Farm which will consist of five yurts and a communal building for tourist use.

The Town Council’s support or opposition to a planning application is not the end of the matter. Whilst we are a statutory consultee we are not a planning authority – that responsibility rests with Teignbridge District Councils. They will make the final decision on the four applications mentioned here in the coming weeks.