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News from the environmental group

You may have read in Chudleigh News, The Phoenix or looked on the Town website or Facebook page and seen articles about trying to improve wildlife habitats in Chudleigh.

For a trial period of 3 years we intend to let strips of grass 2-3 metres wide grow long. These are next to hedges in Palace Meadow Park and next to part of the Kate Brook in Millstream Meadow. This will encourage other plants and flowers to thrive and allow insects to multiply. These strips will be cut in September, the grass raked into piles and left to form further habitats for hedgehogs, slow worms etc.

Palace Meadow Park and the Kate brook at Millstream Meadow are important bat fly paths and feeding areas. As part of the Greater Horseshoe Bat project, Chudleigh has been chosen to be a host centre, we will keep a bat detector/recorder that can leant out to schools and private houses for a few days and nights. The data collected will be analysed and then you will know how bat friendly your garden may be and what types of bats are visiting you.

This data will also be added to other records so we will all know more about the habits of our bats and whether the changes we are making in the management are helping the bats.

Please join our volunteer groups if you would like to help.

Call me or the Town Hall if you want to know more or make comments.

Tessa Frost

Chairman Environment committee,

Tel 01626 852551,