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There’s no business like snow business

The standing joke for at least the last five years is that not a snow flake fell on Chudleigh since we purchased a shed load of road grit. Well, that certainly changed last week.

For the first time in many years, leaving aside a couple of false alarms, the Town Hall was opened as a rescue centre to house stranded travellers from Telegraph Hill and Haldon. On previous occasions the rescue centre was taken over by staff from Devon County Council’s emergency response team. This time it was left to the town council staff to organise and run the centre which made it something of a learning curve. In the end we only had to assist nine people but still had to keep the centre fully staffed for the 24 hour period until we were stood down. Special thanks are due to Amii Shelley and Gary Martin who staffed the centre overnight. They now know that it is quite impossible to sleep in an office chair.

A big thanks is also due to the members of the town council who took it in turns to cover two hour shifts. Thanks also to Chudleigh Chippie and Harveys who went out of their way to provide the catering for our guests and our staff. Thanks too to the local guest houses who were able to provide rooms for some of the stranded travellers. I should also mention that several local residents dropped in to the town hall during the day and night to offer their assistance. In the end we didn’t need them but the offers were much appreciated. The community spirit displayed during this event is remarkable and highly commendable.