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Neighbourhood Planning was first introduced by the Localism Act of 2011. It gives a community the ability to influence development in its area through a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP), a Neighbourhood Development Order and a Community Right to Build Order. Currently, the Town Council has decided that a Neighbourhood Development Plan is needed, but has not considered whether a Neighbourhood Development Order or Community Right to Build Order are also necessary. They may be considered at some future date, but for the moment they are not on the agenda.

In addition to the community being involved in shaping the future of the parish, there is an added financial benefit. With an approved NDP in place, the town council would receive a bigger proportion of the money which developers are now required to contribute towards local infrastructure (Community Infrastructure Levy) : 25% rather than 15%.

Once approved and adopted, a Neighbourhood Development Plan becomes part of the statutory development plan (along with, principally, the District Council’s Local Plan and the County Council’s Minerals Plan) and must be taken account of in the determination of all planning applications. The policies in the NDP cannot block development which is in accordance with the Local Plan policies and the Plan must comply with the overall Local Plan strategy. However it can influence where development will go, and what it will look like, and can identify future needs in respect of, for example, education or sports and recreation facilities.

The Town Council leads the neighbourhood planning process and has begun by notifying the Local Planning Authority (Teignbridge District Council) of its intention to prepare an NDP and has requested approval of the neighbourhood planning area (the parish of Chudleigh). It has delegated to the Town Enhancement Committee the responsibility of overseeing the production of the plan.

The Local Planning Authority has to be involved throughout the process and makes decisions at all the key stages. In addition to approving the neighbourhood planning area, it will organise the independent examination of the plan and the community referendum.

The independent examination is required to ensure that the plan complies with all legal requirements and is not in conflict with other elements of the development plan or the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). The community referendum allows those who live in the neighbourhood (the parish) to vote on the acceptability of the NDP and emphasises the importance of working with the community to secure its support at each critical stage. A majority of those voting must support the plan if it is to be formally adopted.

Vision and Objectives

A Vision for Chudleigh

Chudleigh shall retain its distinctive character, resulting from its unique location and thousand year history, while providing for the needs of current and future generations in an environmentally sustainable manner, giving them access to a wide variety of well designed housing, excellent health and education facilities and improved community and leisure facilities. The town shall become a safer and more attractive place in which to live, work, shop and visit.


Housing : to ensure that new housing, over and above that which has been allowed for in the Local Plan, is tailored to meet the needs of those local people :

- who are unable to afford open market housing or

- who wish to provide their own housing or

- who are unable to find housing that is designed to meet their specific needs.

Employment and the Local Economy : to safeguard the most valued existing employment land and encourage the provision of additional employment land so that a vibrant and more locally focused economy can be developed, with less need for commuting.

The Natural Environment and Landscape Setting : to protect and celebrate the local wildlife, and its habitats, and Chudleigh’s location at the foot of the Haldon Hills and within one of the most picturesqueparts of the Teign Valley.

Indoor Community Facilities : to meet the anticipated needs of the growing population, new indoor spaces shall be provided and existing facilities improved to ensure that there is adequate provision to accommodate education, sport and drama and to allow them to blossom.

Outdoor Community Facilities : to meet the current and anticipated demand for outdoor activity, existing sports facilities shall be enhanced and new facilities, including links to the area’s growing cycleway network, shall be provided.

The Town Centre and Conservation Area : to protect and enhance the town centre and the wider Conservation Area through the implementation of the agreed town centre improvements and the application of high standards of design in all new developments and other works.

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