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News of the Chudleigh Natural Burial Site

The Town Council are pressing on with the introduction of a natural burial site in Chudleigh.

Some people are concerned with the “ecological” cost of cremation in terms of the energy used for cremation and/or the preparation of coffins etc and natural burials offer an ecological alternative to traditional burials.

Natural burial sites, by their very nature, quickly revert to natural grass/meadow land and are managed accordingly. Some sites are gradually planted with suitable trees and are developed as new woodland as the site matures. However, in Chudleigh, we feel that the area would be more in keeping if left as a flower meadow. Natural burials are shallower than tradition graves and only one deceased is permitted within one grave plot whereas traditional grave plots sometimes allow three.

Interest in natural interment has grown as people have become increasingly concerned about the emissions and fuel-use associated with cremation, the use of stone for memorials (often shipped considerable distances from overseas quarries), or the use of formaldehyde for embalming, which has an adverse effect upon groundwater.

The Chudleigh Natural Burial Area is contained within the top corner of the current cemetery and a hedge and trees are being planted to delineate this “natural” corner. The photo shows the size of the plot with the white marker posts indicating the new hedge line.

The Chudleigh site has south facing views over the town and beyond to Haytor. The maturity of the natural hedge will create a really special corner of the cemetery.

Demand for natural burial would appear to be increasing although there is variation between different regions. People born between 1946 and 1964 (the ‘baby boomers’) are generally recognised as the first major generational group to take environmental issues seriously on a wide scale and they are now at the stage of life when they lose their parents or partners, or plan for their own funerals. Environmentally-friendly funeral provision is not only a logical extension of an environmentally-aware lifestyle, but also has broad appeal as an alternative to a conventional cemetery.

Readers are welcome to visit the natural burial site to see how restful the area is now and will be into the future.

Details of the prices for natural burials are now contained in the town council Cemetery Price List – on line.