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Meadow Management

Grassland manangement and Bats

In Chudleigh we are very lucky to have lovely open spaces connecting town and countryside, these act as wildlife refuges and pathways. One of the few remaining healthy bat colonies in England, lives in the caves at the Rock, but with increased housing and changes in farming their long term survival is doubtful.

By altering the management slightly of some of our grassy areas we may be able to increase the variety of plants and insects, needed as a food source and as pollinators.

We propose to cut an area of land at the bottom of Millstream meadow twice a year, ie. Spring and late summer, to encourage a mixture of plants, flowers and insects, that would be found in an old fashioned meadow. Paths can be mown through the grass, and the present paths will be protected. The cut grass will be raked up into piles, by our merry band of volunteers and left as homes for frogs, slow worms and possibly hedgehogs.

The park in Palace meadow is owned by Teignbridge council, but as this is also on a bat route it would be good to manage the strip next to the hedges in a similar manner. We will be in negotiation with Teignbridge.

As the cutbacks in funding local authorities continues, the community should take on more responsibility in maintaining a pleasant environment, we already have a couple of healthy work groups, if you feel able to help please get in touch with me or the Town hall.

Tessa Frost

Chair of Environment Committee