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Land development near the dentist

I think most readers will be aware that the planning application to build a retail unit and seven dwellings on this site has proved to be controversial. On 22 September the District Council’s Development Control Committee met to consider the application. They took the decision to refuse planning consent because they considered the scale and design of the proposed building would be detrimental to the character, appearance and street scene of the conservation area. They were also concerned about the loss of the open space in the centre of the town.

So, what happens next? The planning process has not necessarily reached its conclusion. Understandably, the applicant wishes to take some time to consider their next steps. They will have the option of taking an appeal against the decision to the Planning Inspectorate. Alternatively, they may decide to submit a revised design for the site.

What is certain is that I will be returning to this subject in my future articles!