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We have received a number of complaints about mud on the road surface on the new clay pits road at Fosterville, Kingsteignton. County Highways are aware of the issue and have been working with Viridor to resolve the issue as their response below to a councillor’s enquiry indicates:- .

‘Unfortunately as this road runs directly past the Heathfield landfill site, it is not entirely free of problems and we are working with Viridor and the developer to manage and improve the situation. Several meetings have taken place with Viridor to discuss their responsibilities with regard to mud on the highway, and also their cleaning regime. As a result they have implemented changes to their working operations including:

All vehicles now pass through an on-site wheel wash.

Rumble bars have been installed on internal roads to shake off any clumps of mud.

Internal drainage has been improved, including the installation of a heavy duty aco drain across the site entrance.

A mechanical road sweeper has been purchased and is used to clean internal roads and the public highway at least twice a day.

“Keep Left” bollards and other signage are hand cleaned as required.

Although the situation has improved vastly since the road opened, there will inevitably still be occasions when it is going to be a problem depending upon weather conditions and the number of vehicles accessing the site. To that end Viridor are aware that they need to closely monitor road conditions, and take immediate action as and when problems arise.

It seems as though there have been recent issues for reasons currently unknown, and I will be speaking with Viridor to establish the cause. However, they have been carrying out road sweeping and cleaning today.

This is an on-going situation and we are working alongside Viridor to improve standards for all road users.’