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From 1st April 2017 residents will be able to line their kitchen caddy or food waste container with any type of plastic bag. This means that any of the following can now be used to line the containers;

supermarket carrier bags

small pedal bin liners

bread bags

small amounts of newspaper

compostable liners

This improvement to the weekly collection service will make it even easier to recycle food waste whilst keeping containers clean.

From April, food waste will be taken to a different facility where they are able to remove plastic bags during the recycling process and use them to generate power.

The Anaerobic Digestor in Holsworthy, Devon will convert food waste into electricity, and the liquid fertiliser that is also produced ensures that essential nutrients are returned to the land.

Compostable liners will still be accepted however, Teignbridge Council will no longer be supplying approved liners to local stockists for resale.

More essential information about the waste and recycling service will be inside the annual recycling guide and calendar that is being delivered to households across Teignbridge at the beginning of April. In the meantime, for more details about the weekly food waste collection service visit