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We have received several complaints regarding dog fouling at Fore Street park and the problem of it being walked into the play park by children. This is resulting in the play park equipment being contaminated with Faeces as the children climb on it.

Dog fouling isn’t just a problem at Fore Street park. We receive complaints about fouling from pretty much all areas of Chudleigh.

We have asked the District Council’s dog warden to target the park but he can’t be there 24 hours a day and people generally pick-up when he’s around. One also suspects that most of the fouling is occurring during the hours of darkness.

Ultimately, the responsible dog owners will continue to pick-up and the irresponsible ones won’t, unless they are caught and fined.

To achieve that, we need help from the community. Whilst reporting a fellow resident to the relevant authority is something that many people seem uncomfortable with doing it is the only way we will start to tackle this issue.

To report incidents of dog fouling you should telephone the District Council’s Environmental Hotline on 0800 328 6402. They will need as much information as possible – when and where the incident took place, the name of the dog owner ideally but certainly a description and information on the dog (breed, colour).

This is not just a problem in Chudleigh, it is a problem everywhere and we will only start to reduce the problem if we are prepared to report the offenders.

John Carlton