Chudleigh Town Council
Chudleigh Town Hall, Market Way, Chudleigh, Devon TQ13 0HL
Email: / Telephone: 01626 853 140
Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 15:00

District Councillor Work Schedule October 2015


Monday 5th. am

1.Conservative meeting Exeter.

pm 2.Chudleigh Town Council meeting.

6th. am

1.Newton Abbot Shop Front selection panel.

pm 2.Teignbridge 10 year strategy consultation. Also CADAS committee meeting. Teignbridge Vol Service meeting, Chudleigh town hall.

8th. am to pm

1.Teignbridge housing strategy meeting in NA.

2. Meet with Sian Fernou of Clientbase NA re relocation and other issues.


3.Meet residents re water seepage from leat plus Chief Engineer DCC Bridges and Structures,.


Monday 12th. am

1.Meet Senior Business manager Economy and Assets.

2.Meet Prime Minister re: Local Plan and Infrastructure for Teignbridge ( look at new Lord Adonis remit National Infrastructure plan.).

pm 3. Devon Wildlife Trust visit Teigngrace Meadow a reclamation of Newbury tip clay works, along with Andrew Cooper Chair of DWT and Harry CEO of DWT and Peter Chamberlain Chief Ecologist for DCC, as well as multiple members of trust.

4.Meet Nick Davey Senior Planning Officer re Oldway closure.

13th. am

1.Meet NA town centre manager.

2.2. Responded to the QCC review document and survey for the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital that commences 3 rd November 2015.

3.Hennock parish council meeting.

14th. am 1. Meeting with Parking enforcement manager DCC re Fore street.

2.LEP meeting C/Exec, Dep C/Exec, Senior Business managers x3 plus CEO Chris Garcia and Heidi Hallam Partnerships Manager.


3. Chudleigh Environment meeting.

15th. am

1.Meet local traders re Shop Fronts initiative.

2. Meet with P Vogel past PH Housing and Planning re: Dartmoor National Park and business development.

pm 3. Meet Under 14’s football Coach and Chair discuss new team.

1.Meet with Sally Henley Newton Abbot Town Centre manager, tour NA look at development opportunities.

2.2. Visit new HITS food bank in Bradley Lane.

3.3. Visit new Probation office NA.

4. 4. Visit NA Indoor Market.

Saturday 17th. 1.Visit Chudleigh traders. 2.Meet with Chudleigh Business Guild committee re a) Resource, b) Economic statistics, c) Shop Front Initiative, d) Forward Planning BG.


Monday 19th.

am 1. Meeting of the Executive.

2.Meeting with Montague Evans Town Planning Consultants. pm

3.Executive, Chief and Deputy Chief Executive visit and tour of South Devon Highway.

4. Meet residents re Planning objection Fore Street.

1.Planning meeting at Teignbridge. Portfolio Holders meeting with Senior Business Managers.

3.Mr Gosling re planning issues.

21st. am

1.Bovey Tracey and Chudleigh stakeholders meeting re BT hospital on behalf PH Health and Wellbeing as nominee.

2.Planning department re Cat B for a planning application.

3.Planning officer discussion re a decision on current application.

4. Senior Democratic Manager and Senior Business Manager Economy an Assets meeting.

5.Car Park Review Group meeting.

6. Meet with residents re planning objection.

pm 7. Chudleigh Town Council planning meeting.

22nd am

1.Portfolio Holder meeting with x 2 managers Economy and Assets team.

2.Meeting with resident re planning objection.

3.Meeting with business manager markets.

4.Responding to enquiries re capital investment for future projects in and around Newton Abbot.

5.5. Meeting with Deputy Chief Executive re ongoing potential projects and costs.

Administration day respond to outstanding e mails and catch up on reading documents in preparation for Executive meeting.


Sunday 25th. 1. Not so much as work but helping out picking cider apples at Julie and Peter Bannisters farm. Plenty of local residents with a goodly number of the Bannisters friends from elsewhere.

2. Responding to phone calls and e mails about the planning application for Chudleigh Police Station which is now redundant.


1.Meeting with resident re planning issues.

2.Meet with Planning officers re issues and conservation.

27th. 1. Preparing for Executive meeting on 3rd Nov reading documents, Living wage, Gambling licensing, Private licensing fees, Executive Forward Plan and issues under Part 2 Confidential.

2. Planning issues, talking to officers and responding to e mails and phone calls from residents.


1.Dartmoor Ultra fast Broadband meeting and discussion.


1.Training Office 365.

2. Meeting with Senior Manager Economy and Assets


1. Selection meeting for Conservative candidate for Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner . Candidate selected Alison Herendaz.