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District Councillor Report

Doug Hellier Laing: District Councillor Chudleigh Ward

September seems to be a month where building issues have been to the forefront in Chudleigh.

I hope by the time everyone reads this report, you will be aware that the development at Rivendale, which had been causing Teignbridge some concerns, not least the non-payment of more than £300,000 due as part of their obligation to Section 106 agreements, has in part been resolved by High Court action, which resulted in the company responsible being required to pay this money, plus Teignbridge’s legal costs, into the bank, which they did on 8th September. This is useful from the town councils point of view, as they are due a sum of money towards the arts.

It was only by way of a conversation that I had with a friend in the property business, that alerted me to the need to also alert Teignbridge’s legal and planning departments, to ensure we secured payment.

Other good news centres on Teignbridge’s success with the appeal on No1. The Square in the centre of town. You may recall I,’ called this application in’, at the request of a number of residents and by doing so, the application was rejected by Teignbridge’s planning committee unanimously. However, the owner and applicant decided to challenge this, and applied through the planning process, to appeal the decision. The appeal was heard by a Planning Inspector in Bristol, who after some months has found in our favour. So it is back to the drawing board for the owner. I hope that the owner will engage with the town to see the best way forward, be it a new application, or to see if they would sell the land to the community. This last proposal may sound attractive but should Chudleigh go down this route, it should realise that this plot of land has development possibilities and as such, will command a development land price which will not be inconsiderable. It is possible for the town to borrow any money required via the Public Works Loan Board at very favourable rates over a long term. The consequences to Chudleigh residents, would be that it has to be paid for and that would inevitably mean an increase in the precept. So we have to be careful what we wish for.

At a more personal level, I have been assisting a number of residents who are having difficulties with smells/fumes and intolerable levels of noise from a commercial operation in town. The problem is compounded by an infestation of rats which are then invading nearby properties. One of Teignbridge’s Environmental Officers has been quick off the mark and is working with the owners of the offending business to resolve all the issues, which they are keen to do. It may take a little time but we are confident that the outcome will be good for everyone.

Litter is a bugbear for most of us, and most of us deposit waste where it should be deposited, but there is a minority who do not subscribe to this idea and drop litter wherever they please, smokers are also culprits, evidenced by the proliferation of cigarette butts on our pavements. I am working with the Portfolio Holder, Kevin Lake, on initiatives to reduce littering as well as related waste problems but it will take time, so I hope at some point to tell you that our initiatives have been successful, meantime we can all help, be it educating young people, re-educating adults who should know better, and dare I say it, speaking out when we see those who drop their litter. Teignbridge’s Enforcement Officers will act if they are given enough details of offenders but I would prefer it if offenders were advised of the error of their ways and made amends.

As always, if I can be of help, I can be contacted on 07869066055 or 01626 854892 or