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District Councillor Report May


When I write my newsletter, I like to be able to write about the positive aspects and outcomes that I see in my role as the representative for Chudleigh Ward and as a member of the Executive.

This past month has been exceptional in terms of good news. You may recall that we at Teignbridge; Officers and councillors of all political persuasions, had been working to develop a ten-year strategy, yes ten years! The idea behind this, was to allow any council that follows on from the present one, to have a clear and unambiguous understanding of how and why we made decisions that would affect the community. It it is a working document that will evolve over time to accommodate changing circumstances.

Within the document we have identified ten focus points and each of these focus points have been allocated to a Lead Councillor, who along with a Senior Business Manager will be responsible for delivering the aims. I have responsibility for three of the focus points which are known as Teignbridge Ten’s, Investing in prosperity, Going to Town and Zero Heroes.


Teignbridge council will do all it can to encourage new businesses to set up or move in, and existing businesses to grow, creating those new, better paid jobs that our area needs. This will be about good planning, encouragement, promoting the benefits of our area, working closely with partners and businesses and direct investment of council money.


Town centres are the focal points in our main urban areas, providing key economic benefits, commercial and other services, and locations for people to meet and enjoy life. Even in an increasingly ‘online’ world, we think they will be vital to our communities and we will use all of our powers to make them better, more modern and more attractive.


As a large organisation it is important we reduce our environmental impact. We will take a lead with our own waste management by re-using and re-cycling more, reducing our energy consumption, and encouraging working practices that reduce our environmental footprint. We will use our successes to encourage local people and businesses to move in the same direction.

After completing our ten-year strategy, we were visited by a Peer Group Review Team, made up of senior officers and councillors from other parts of the country, it was their job to interview all the senior officers and members of Teignbridge’s Executive to determine the ‘strength’ and viability of our strategy. I am pleased to say that after a few months wait, we have had a ringing endorsement of the document.

You may recall that in a past newsletter I spoke about the Government, County and District’s determination to invest in a programme of developing the district’s infrastructure., believing that such an investment would improve prosperity and jobs. I am pleased to say we are beginning to see the results from this investment., 80 FTE new positions at Finlake Holiday Park once the construction of the new super holiday homes is complete, a very strong possibility of between 30 and 60 new jobs close to Chudleigh, as well as a possibility of 3 to 400 jobs from a company that are looking to relocate to Teignbridge. I mention these as they all have possibilities for the communities this side of Newton Abbot. Finally, we have increased the number of jobs in Teignbridge by 200 and increased our income from rental investments from £700,000 to £2,100,000 without the need to borrow.

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