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District Councillor Report February

Where does the time go? It seems only a short time ago that I was considering what to put into the monthly report, and what to leave out, and here I am again faced with the same challenge. Briefly; by now, most of you will be aware that Teignbridge have acquired Market Walk in Newton Abbot, a collection of retail shops in the town centre. Without a doubt this is a good move. By acquiring the properties, we secure the ability to redevelop the whole area without having to deal with third parties. The cost of £13 million is value for money, as we have purchased it using our own funds. The rents currently return £1.3 million with the potential for higher rents, according to our advisors, as the economy continues to recover. This is also the action of an aspirational authority which is facing the challenge of reduced government grants and support, by investing for the future. The other talking point, and again of which we are very pleased with, is securing the right to the Radio 1 Big Weekend in June this year. This is in partnership with Exeter City and was only after fierce negotiations, when we had to pitch our case against other Cities and finally against Swansea. The event will be held at Powderham and will feature Coldplay as well as other big name singers and bands. This is an event that we have delivered to benefit the young people of Teignbridge, entry will be free, and there is the added bonus of 3 free training academies. The Training academies will feature skilled technicians, media personnel and musicians who will all endeavor to help young people who want to make a career in these areas of employment. For me the main other areas of note in the month, have been dealing with Health which although is not part of my Portfolio, I do get involved because of an interest. I am a participant in the local stakeholders group for the Clinical Commissioning Group, an organisation which is charged by the Government to deliver a new medical care programme that satisfies the complex needs of a community spread over a wide and very diverse sea to rural hinterland. The CCG is due to present its likely final plan to us very soon, before rolling it out to the wider community for comment. I am particularly pleased that greater emphasis has been placed on dealing with mental health as an equal to physical medical needs. Recently I attended my first training day in Taunton as the Local Authority Appointed Representative for the South West Ambulance Service NHS. Baptism of Fire comes to mind, as the first part of the morning was spent with Ken Wenman, Chief Executive, and Heather Smallbridge, Chairwoman, addressing us about the recent well publicised issue of the 111 service, and the unwelcome revelations of a past employee. It would be fair to say, that the SWAS was given a raw deal in terms of accurate reported information, and the inability to refute the sensationalist nature of the reporting, but we all know, that ’ bad news’, sells papers. The true story is not yet in the public domain. Finally, I spent an interesting day hearing about dementia, how it affects so many, how various organisations are dealing with it, and about how researchers from Plymouth University Peninsula are at the forefront of trying to identify the causes, and most importantly, how to treat both causes and symptoms. As always, I am available by e mail or phone, to answer any questions on what I have reported, or any matter you may need help with. Tel : 01626 854892 or 07869 066055